All in the Timing

All in the Timing – directed by Simon Tejeira
April, 24-26,   May, 1-3 and 8-10, 2014.
Starts: 8pm
Tickets: $15

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All in the Timing is a collection of one-act plays by the American playwright David Ives. The short plays are almost all comedies (or comedy-dramas), focusing mainly on language and wordplay, existentialist perspectives on life and meaning, and the complications involved in romantic relationships

All In The Timing

Cast includes:

  • Alfonso Grimaldo
  • Amit Nathani
  • Aquilino Arias
  • Carina Weber
  • Davis Walden
  • HB Twohy
  • Jose Varela
  • Kari King
  • Lisa Post
  • Malakai Riker
  • María Theoktisto
  • Melanie Lee
  • Nick Miles
  • Rebeca Virgo
  • Rita Banus
  • Simon Tejeira

Here’s a review by The New York Times of a recent revival of the play:

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