Clue-Funcion-Poster Vert-02CLUE! June 9-11, 16-18, 23-25th

Directed by: Giancarlo Benedetti & Rob Getman

Produced by:
Carlota Allen and Cedric Carerre
Author: An original stage adaptation of the cult movie classic written by Jonathan Lynn


Secrets! Lies! Blackmail! Murder! What’s a body to do? Join in the original farce whodunit cocktail party turned multiple homicides that will leave you guessing! CLUE! is the stage adaptation of the cult movie classic written by Jonathan Lynn, which is the film adaptation of the popular Parker Bros board game, featuring six suspicious characters, six deadly weapons, nine sinister rooms and one killer evening.

On a dark and stormy evening in late 1954, amidst the intrigue and paranoia of the McCarthy era, Wadsworth the butler, and Yvette the maid, welcome six politically-vulnerable and pseudonymed guests (Col. Mustard, Mrs. White, Ms. Scarlet, Prof. Plum, Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock) to a swanky mansion for a mysterious cocktail party. Wadsworth reveals that they have all been gathered to confront their blackmailer, the enigmatic Mr. Body. A shot in the dark and Mr. Body’s body leave them all with a new problem; they must discover which one of them is the killer before the police arrive! So now, to protect their reputations and prevent the body count from rising, they must work together to find the answer to those three burning questions: Who did it? Where? And with what?


The Making of Clue

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