An evening of David Mamet and Shel Silverstein

December, 4-6, 11-13, 18-20, 2014. 

The Theatre Guild of Ancon will be host to an evening of one act plays by critically acclaimed playwrights David Mamet and Shel Silverstein.

Shel’s Shorts, five short plays written by Shel Silvertein. The much lauded poet, songwriter and author of children’s books also penned many short plays. These imaginative ‘shorts’ vary widely in content, but the darkly comic world of Shel is unmistakable.  Shel’s Shorts will be directed by Keitha Kushner and Carina Weber. The cast of Shel’s Shorts includes:

The Best Daddy
Alec Sherman
Andrea Rivera

Buy One, Get One Free
Kari King
Monica Porras
Giancarlo Benedeti

Garbage Bags
Tasha Chissell

Hard Hat Area
Simon Tejeira Healy
Colombino Headly

Wash and Dry
Melanie Lee
Nick Miles
Michael Lindo

Act II of the evening will present Duck Variations by David Mamet (Speed-the-plow, Glenngarry Glen Ross, Sexual Perversity in Chicago).  It depicts a discussion taking place between two elderly men sitting on a park bench watching ducks.  Quirky and poignant, Duck Variations is the tale of two men who watch ducks in a lake. They bicker, argue, and wax poetic about the lives of ducks – and people (though they don’t seem to be experts on either subject!). This 1972 play, one of Mamet’s first, gives the audience the not-so-subtle message that humans and water fowl lead similar lives and experience similar deaths.

During an interview, David Mamet once said that drama is about three things:

  • Who wants what from whom?
  • What happens when you get there?
  • Why now?

Mamet also believes that there is no such thing as character development. There is only action and the characters’ reactions. Mamet’s dramas may not always be driven by constant twists and turns in plot, but each of his dramatic works offers a captivating and ever-increasing conflict. And a lot of verbiage.

Duck Variations will be directed by Ramona Rhoades (Lady Bracknell), and featuring Daniel Heinrichs (Gods Favorite, School for Wives) and Paul Kimmel.