Historical Archive 1982/1983

pippi300” PIPPIN”
The Magical Musical by Roger O. Hirson,
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz.

This was the forth show of the season and was produced in conjunction with the Balboa High School Drama Department. Presented on the BHS Stage, performances were May 18, 19, 20, 21, 27 and 28 1983.
Directed by Richard W. Johnston, Choreographed by Shaula Balogh, and Produced by Edward G. Schwartz.


Alan Carlson as the Leading Player Scott Luedke as Pippin
Herb Carlson as Charles David Seitz as Lewis
Sam Hinek as the Leading Dancer Gaelen Sweaney as Fastrada
Alyssa Abbey as Catherine Karen Sweaney as Berthe
Jan Pressgrove as the Soloist Kendra Lawrence as Thea

The Players:
John Bowerman, Rick Cahill, Lisa Florian, Pablo Holmes, Ana Linares, Myra Linares, Sandra Lovelady, Angel Peña, Camilo Thomas, Heather Wilkinson and Mackey Wong.

The Musical Ensemble:
Directed By Melanie Bales

Melanie Bales – Piano Edward G. Schwartz – Synthesizer
Noéline Morrissey – Synthesizer Mia Eaton – Percussion
Fred Bales – Bass Debbie Eaton – Flute
Liz Stockwell – Oboe/Recorder Buffy Stockwell – Bassoon/Acoustic Guitar
Production Staff:

Dan W. Goldsworthy- Technical Director Rick Horatis- Technical Consultant
Kelly Ryner- Asst. Director / Stage Manager Edward G. Schwartz- Set Design
Sam Hinek- Assistant to the Choreographer Gaelen Sweaney- Costume Design
Betsy Abbey- Costume Consultant Alyssa Abbey- Make-Up Design
Bonnie Stahlman- Properties Caroline Hall- Program
Melanie Bales- Publicity Anita Seifert- Photography
Gail Goodrich Totten- Box Office & Reservations Christy Barrett- Program Cover & Poster Art
Steve Dobrot- Macrame Design Kelly Ryner- Art Design
Patty Cowles, Kimberley Dean & Cathy Hunt- Lighting Technicians

Production Committees:

Alyssa Abbey, Steve Adams, Christy Barrett, John Bowerman, Rick Cahill, John Dillon, Richard Dobrot, Debbie Eaton, Mia Eaton, Tifanny Elmore, Richard Fisher, Lisa Florian, Brad Freymer, Anne Harrington, Rick Horatis, Cathy Hunt, Melina Knoop, Ana Linares, Scott Luedke, Terri Martinez, Rene Rivet, Becky Roman, Ginger Rowell, Joann Schoenleber, Buffy Stockwell, Liz Stockwell, Laura Svat, Gaelen Sweaney and Mackey Wong Set Construction
Properties Jillian Collins, Georgia Corin, Dan Cox, Joann Schoenleber, Jody Spertzle, Jill Stahlman, and Mr. Sunshine
Bobby Boatwright, Dan Cox, Richard Dobrot, Steve Dobrot, Joann Schoenleber, and Virnna Vidaurri Stage Crew
Program Fred Bales, Melanie Bales, John Bowerman, Dan Goldsworthy, Jerry Hall, Joan Manfredo, John Mayles, Kaye Richey, Kelly Ryner, Ed Schwartz, Alberto Shamah, Buffy Stockwell, and Roberto Toledano.
Peggy Acker, Rosalie Armitage, Kathy Barrere, Jack Brown, Mary Brownlow, Shu-Mei Chen, Angela Mayers, Brian Thayle, Carlos Williams, and Eula Witt. Box Office & Reservations