Historical Archive 1985/1986

Forum300” A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To The Forum “ A Musical Comedy by Larry Gelbart & Burt Shevelove. Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

A Funny Thing… This was the third show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 7 March through 22 March 1986.
Directed by JoAnne Mitchell, Musical Direction by Melanie Trim Bales. Assistant Director and Choreography by Jerry Brees. Produced by Gail Goodrich Totten

Cast: as listed in program

Ken Millard as Prologus Kaye Richey as Senex
Carol Sponberg as Domina Jerry Brees as Hero
Jack Ullrich as Hysterium Ken Millard (again) as Pseudolus
Edward Hatchett Jr. as Erronius Fred Bales as Miles Glorius
Joe Norton as Lycus Lisa P. Moffitt as Panacea
Christine Bock as Tintinabula Rosemary Denley as Vibrata
Tami Baudin & Samantha Currier as The Geminae Tammy Norton as Philia
Linda Sanchez as Gymnasia Bob Clay, Chris Fuqua & Armando Him as The Proteans

Music provided by Melanie Trim Bales on Piano and Marc Harkness on Drums.

Joan Manfredo Assistant Producer Barbara Berger Courtesans’ Choreographer
Arilla Hoy Kourany Stage Manager Bruce Quinn Set Design
Bea McDonald, Pam Garrett, Patricia Maduro & Mary Ellen Bowerman Props Steve Parsons Lighting Design
Wanda Fanning & Anita Seifert Lighting Techies Sonia Schack Costume Designer & Coordinator
Bella Carrasco Seamstress Gail Goodrich Totten, Catherine Goodrich & Shirley Leffler Costume Assistants
Sue Vest Wardrobe Mistress Carlos Escalona & Sue Vest Make Up
Toni & Ken Millard Publicity Arthur Pollack & Kaye Richey Photography
Karen Timko & Dave Young Poster Art John Haines Program Cover
Brenda Lane Sculpture Soly Greco House Manager
Jess K. & Gail Goodrich Totten and Shirley Leffler Box Office and Reservations Mitch Swanson Bar Manager
Pat Swanson, Sue Norman, Belva Stanaway & Elsa Smith Gala Opening Committee

Set Construction: Bruce Quinn, Dan Kuhn, Jess K. Totten, Lisa P. Moffitt, Christine Bock, Jo Anne Mitchell, Rob Mitchell, Melanie & Fred Bales, Tammy & Joe Norton, Tammy Baudin, Jerry Brees and Stephanie & Alex Hinek.