Historical Archive 1988/1989

Bilox300” Biloxi Blues “ A New Play By Neil Simon

Program Cover – Biloxi Blues This was the first show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from September 15th through October 8th, 1988.
Directed by Bill Gonzalez. Produced by Armando Him & Bruce Quinn.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Christopher L. Etter as Roy Seiridge Anthony Vega as Joseph Wykowski
Enrique De La Espriella O. as Don Carney Richard McQuown as Eugene Morris Jerome
Leo Wiznitzer as Arnold Epstein Mike Norman as Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey
Briton Clark as James Hennesey Susan F. Norman as Rowena
Elizabeth Lee Stewart as Daisy Hannigan

Production Staff:

Susan F. Norman Assistant Director Armando Him Stage Manager
Eddie Chism Assistant Stage Manager Jason Gonzalez & Robert Goldsworthy Assistants to the Director
Bill Gonzalez Set & Lighting Design Danny Norman & Danny McGee Light Crew
Jonathon Hoover Sound Effects Bea McDonald Properties
Oscar Dominguez, Pat Lindley Dominguez, & Roberto Rodriguez Slides & Photography Arthur Pollack Program Portraits
Lucille Baker House Manager Markie Short Make-Up
Sue Vest Wigs Bill Gonzalez Costume Design
Susan Norman, Bill Gonzalez, Armando Him, Lourdes Bottin, & Joan Manfredo Publicity

Set Construction: Adan Rivas, Juan Sing, Jason Gonzalez, Mike Norman, Robert Goldsworthy, Lee Stewart, Jonathon Hoover, Chris Etter, Michelle McLean, Laura Lippman, Danny Norman, Roberto Rodriguez, Leo Wiznitzer, Bill Gonzalez & Armando Him.

Nunse300” Nunsense “ A Musical Comedy – Book & Lyrics By Dan Goggin

This was the second show this season, with performances opening Friday, —– and running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through —–. Program Cover – Nunsense
Directed by Bruce Quinn. Musical Direction by Melanie Bales. Produced by Brenda Lane.


Toni Fisher Millard as Sister Mary Regina JoAnne Mitchell as Sister Mary Hubert
Bea McDonald as Sister Robert Anne Agnes Santomenno as Sister Mary Amnesia
Linda Dahlstrom as Sister Mary Leo

Melanie Bales Pianist Tim Huff Drummer
Erin Hatchett Page Turner George Bell Piano Tuner
Production Staff:

Armando Him Assistant Director Enrique De La Espriella Stage Manager
Mitch Swanson Assistant Stage Manager Bruce Quinn Set Design
Dave Perata Lighting Design Bruce Quinn & Linda Dahlstrom Choreography
Lourdes Bottin & Felisa Hinz Costumes Edda Otárola Properties
JoAnne Mathis Gala Brenda Lane Program & Poster Art
Pady Blackwood of NYC Puppet, Sister Mary Annette Mitch Swanson Set Decorations
Brenda Lane Program Ad Sales Shirley Leffler Box Office and Reservations
Caroline & Jerry Hall Bar Lucile Baker House

Set Construction: Bruce Quinn, Mitch Swanson, Armando Him, Gilberto Valdez, Bob Apold, & Enrique De La Espriella.