Historical Archive 1992/1993

HoJos300” Murder At The Howard Johnson’s “ A Comedy by Ron Clark & Sam Bobrick
HO-JOs Program Cover This was the first show of the season with performances opening Friday, October 9th and running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through October 24th, 1992.
Directed by Armando Him and Assisted By Dan Goldsworthy

Cast – In Order Of Appearance:

Carol Forbes as Arlene Miller Carlos Williams as Mitchell Lovell
Bill Forbes as Paul Miller

Production Staff:

Vilma A. Correa Production Executive Caroline & Jerry Hall Production Coordinators
Kelly Preston & Helen Edwards Production Assistants Sue Norman Stage Manager
Jorge Zambrano Assistant Stage Manager Armando Him & Dan Goldsworthy Set Design
Dan Goldsworthy Lighting Design Karen “BEAR” Shadeck Lighting Technician
Danny Norman Sound Technician Lourdes Haywood Properties
Shirley Leffler Box Office and Reservations Kurt Wisner Bar
Caroline Hall & Kathy Wisner Gala Armando Him, Dan Goldsworthy, Caroline & Jerry Hall Poster, Programs and Invitations
Howard Johnson’s Corp. Art & Souvenirs

Set Construction: Helen Edwards, Bill Forbes, Dan Goldsworthy, Robert Goldsworthy, Garrett Hall, Jerry Hall, Armando Him, Kelly Preston, Karen Shadeck, and Carlos Williams.

RunFo300” Run For Your Wife “ A Comedy by Ray Cooney

Run For Your Wife This was the third show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from April 16th through May 1st.
Directed by Armando Him, Assisted by D.L. Sima. Produced by Dan Goldsworthy.


Rachel Cunningham as Mary Wendy Hodgson as Barbara
Harvey Cook as John Aldo Mata as Officer Troughton
John Bennett as Stanley Jeff Caughie as the Reporter
Chip Perretta as Officer Porterhouse Jeff Caughie as Bobby


Jennifer Hannah Stage Manager Dan Goldsworthy Lighting Design
Karen Shadeck Lights Kathy Wisner Art Direction
Bruce Quinn Gala —–
Kurt & Kathy Wisner Bar Shirley Leffler Box Office & Reservations
The Cast Costumes Art Pollack & Dan Sima Photography
Dan Goldsworthy & Armando Him Program Lou Ann CookDresser

Set Construction: Jerry Hall assisted by: Ty Erickson, Dan Goldsworthy, Robert Goldsworthy, Garrett Hall, Jennifer Hannah, Armando Him, Aldo Mata, Grace Shadeck, Karen Shadeck, Carlos Williams, and Kathy Wisner.