Historical Archive 1995/1996

Happy300” HAPPYVILLE “ by Joseph George Caruso
Happyville Program Cover This was a summer production featuring our area’s younger talent and not part of the regular season. Performances were Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from July 6th through July 9th, 1995.
Directed by DL Sima. Produced by Gale Cellucci.


Monalisa Arias as Hawkeye Hannah Dori Andrade as Jeeter
Angelica Quintero as Jessie Charlie Andrade as Chief White Cloud
Damian Taylor as Shootin Sam Sarah McIlvaine as Ellie Mae
Michael Gaches as Mayor Harris Evan Seeley as Roving Cowboy
Nick Seeley as Piano Man Angelica Cellucci, Alex Talley, Christine Talley & Robin Wall as Towns People

Production Staff:

DL & Dan Sima Set and Light Design Kari McIlvaine Stage Manager
Jackie Field Choreographer Nina D’Alessandro Musical Director
Dan Sima Lighting Design Taya Castro Lights
Shannon McCrory Sound Gale Cellucci & DL Sima Publicity
Gale Cellucci, Nina D’Alessandro, Michael Gaches, Alex Talley, Christine Talley, Damian Taylor & Ted Turnipseed Creative Art on Set DL Sima, Dan Sima, Danny Sima, Nina D’Alessandro, Ted Turnipseed, Ed McIlvaine, Gale Cellucci, Alberto Ulloa and the Cast Set Construction
Gale Cellucci Invitation, Program & Poster Design Susan F. Norman Box Office and Reservations
Gale Cellucci & DL Sima Photography