Janus is the pen name of a famous pair of authors who turn out a best seller annually: a quiet New York teacher, and his paramour, the respectable wife of a Midwest tycoon who comes to New York every summer ostensibly to study. For the first time the husband decides to drop by and see his wife in her metropolitan digs. He arrives just as the teacher is coming in though the dumb waiter with provisions. There is some adroit sidestepping, but eventually the whole things comes out in the open. The wife is so charming throughout that the husband can only receive her back home and scratch his head over his discovery of her dual collaboration with the genteel teacher. After all, it isn’t every man who suddenly discovers that his wife is America’s best contemporary novelist.

Janus by Carolyn Green will run for 3 weekends in May 14-30, and will be directed by Ramona Rhoades.

“Wild and enjoyable.” – The New York Times

Dalia Ferrer
Rafa Leonard
James Mattiace
David Faroh
Maria T. Febreiro
Producers: Stephanie Lezcano  & Maria Isabel Vega
Director: Ramona Rhoades
Asst. Director: Jennifer Wolcott
Stage Managers: Relaine Winslow, Deborah
Set Construction: Fred Reyes
Light Operation: Cassandra Eaton
Photos: Elena Nathani