Looking for Talented Volunteers!

Dear Guildies,

The Theatre Guild of Ancon is looking for talented volunteers in various areas of expertise.

We are kicking off a program for 2018 to include Guildies in our committees. This is a mutually beneficial opportunity for the Guild and Guildies to collaborate in a way that has not been done before.

Two positions are opening for each of our four committees:

  • One Guildie Expert with demonstrated expertise in the corresponding field:
    • Voting member in the committee
    • Offers our guildies the opportunity to be included as key contributing talent
    • Provides the Guild a wider reach to further strengthen our committees
    • Opens an avenue into becoming part of the TGA Board of Governors
  • One Guildie Intern with drive and dedication to learn in one of four fields:
    • Non-voting member in the committee
    • Offers our guildies the opportunity to gain expertise in a specific field
    • Allows a tighter collaboration between the Guild and Guildies
    • Provides the Guild the chance to give back by increasing inclusion

We have four committees at TGA to take care of business year round:

  • The HOUSE committee: takes care of our building, repairs, planning for improvements…
  • The PRODUCTION committee: Seeks, receives and reviews proposals for shows to offer to our audience each season..
  • The MARKETING committee: Plans marketing strategies to promote the Guild and productions…
  • The EVENTS committee: Ensures the House is in order for our shows, box office and bar staffed…

More details of the committees in our Constitution (Article 7):

We await your applications: (requirements)

  • Must be a registered Guildie with paid membership (https://www.mieventos.com/event-detail/455)
  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • Apply by e-mail to: tgapanama@gmail.com
    • Include:
      • Letter of intent
      • Specify which committee you are applying to
      • Specify if you are applying to – Guildie Expert or – Guildie Intern
      • Your time availability (these roles demand dedication)
    • Resume or summary of experience/education

Deadline to apply: February 23, 2018
Candidacies will be reviewed and selections communicated publicly by March 05, 2018
We look forward to your applications and making this collaborative program a
success for years to come.

The Theatre Guild of Ancon
Board of Governors 2018