The School for Wives

February 28 and March 1-2, 7-9, 2013


Arnolphe is a gossipy, ego-maniacal and wealthy man with only one goal in life: never to suffer the disgrace of a cheating wife. And for this he has a foolproof plan: to marry a girl he has raised to be as ignorant as possible.

But when he finds out that a young man has been sneaking into his woman’s room, he unravels a series of secrets that reveal his plan is not as perfect as he thinks.

Come see this modern adaptation of Moliere’s acclaimed comedy, in which he deals brilliantly with themes of love, infidelity, and a hilariously misplaced sense of the role of women in marriage.

The Cast Includes:
Amit Nathani • HB Twohy • Felipe Echandi
Kari King • Davis Walden • Jose Mezquita
Daniel Heinrichs • Steve Barnett

Production Team
Directed by:                 Mingthoy Sanjur
Produced by:               Simon Tejeira
Asst. Producer:           Melanie Lee
Stage Managers:          Carina Weber, Eva Schoof
Lighting:                         Nick Miles
Costume & Make Up: Lili Mendoza
Photography:               Elena Nathani
Program Design:         Maria Theoktisto

~ WARNING: This performance uses Strobe Lighting effects ~


A timeless masterpiece with local flair, by Lourdes Quijada, NewsRoom Panama