Point Break Live Panama!

June 20th – 29th, 2013. Show starts at 8pm

Created by: Jaime Keeling

Directed by: Rob Getman & Giancarlo Benedetti

Point Break Live Poster

The Story

Fresh faced FBI agent Johnny Utah is assigned his first case, hunting and capturing the Ex Dictators, a group of bank robbing, adrenalin junkie, big wave surfers that have eluded the FBI for years and have yet to leave a hint of their true identities. Once Utah identifies the soul surfing Bodhi as the leader of the Ex Dictators he finds himself locked into a friendship like none he has ever known. He ultimately must decide whether he will follow his sworn duty to the FBI or honor the new philosophy he has learned from Bodhi of living life to the fullest at all costs.


The Twist

Point Break Live Panama is like no other live stage performance ever seen in Panama. Since finding an actor that can capture the “brilliance” of Keanu Reeves is impossible, we have decided to do the next best thing…choose an actor from the audience with no rehearsal time and no acting experience what so ever. This is the only way to truly capture that Keanu style of acting. Each performance will begin with the auditioning of volunteers from the audience. The volunteers will be given short lines they must repeat in their best Johnny Utah impression. By way of the Applause –o-meter, the audience will choose their leading man. The chosen actor will then be guided through the show by the Personal Assistant (PA) who will lead him through the performance and feed him the lines by cue cards. The honest/confused response and terrible reading style of this audience member is the closest we can get to matching the famous Keanu Reeves.

The Cast

  • Adrian Benedetti
  • Rob Getman
  • Marco Sarria
  • Jose Miguel Navarro
  • Melanie Gilpin Lee
  • HB Twohy
  • Monica Porras
  • Val Monique
  • Ana Gabriela Martinez
  • Tony Loew
Point Break Live Panama Opening Night Cast & Crew

Point Break Live Panama Opening Night Cast & Crew

Point Break Like Panama! Second Night.

Point Break Like Panama! Second Night.


Point Break Live Panama 2013

Point Break Live Panama 2013 Cast

Point Break Live Panama 2013 Cast



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