Scholarship Fund

In 2017 with the cooperation of our members and those who attended our productions, The Theatre Guild of Ancon created a Scholarship Fund to support students of the arts in Panama.
We had worked with the Fundación Calicanto in the past giving them extremely reduced rental in order for them to present their students graduation class program in our theater.
Consequently in came to our attention that a young man, José Garrido was in need of funds to travel to Missoula, Montana to take advantage of a scholarship he had won to attend classes in Ballet Beyond Borders. Our past President, Giancarlo Benedetti, had meetings with Fundación Calicanto executive staff and created an alliance between The Theatre Guild of Ancon and Fundación Calicanto to support José with his travel expenses.

Consequently, José, in his studies in the Ballet Beyond Borders of the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre, won the Gold Medal in the category of Contemporary Dance by one person. He also won the prize for innovative choreography. Consequently José is eligible to go to Portugal this year to study contemporary dance during the summer.

The Theatre Guild of Ancon is appealing to the community at large to please support this talented and dedicated young man from San Felipe community in Panama or other young people at risk to be able to have unique training in their artistic area of endeavor.

Photo: José Garrido in the program Ballet Beyond Borders in Missoula, Montana. He wrote:
“I thank the Fundación Pasos and The Theatre Guild of Ancon for being our partner in order to realize this dream”.





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