Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple returns to the Theatre Guild of Ancon! Olive Madison (Monalisa Arias) and Florence Unger (Xanthi Stravropoulus) are back and better than ever!

Things have changed, a bit, but are also much the same.

Please join us for a hilarious slapstick comedy that will make you laugh, cry and appreciate those hard-headed friends in our lives that quickly become family.

Directed and Produced by:
Hilary Hughes and Giancarlo Benedetti

Starring: Monalisa Arias, Xanthi Stavropoulos,
Dayana Moreno, MJ Rojas, Hillary Hughes, Melissa Murua,
Fernando Beseler, Fernando Hoyos

Assistant Producer: Linda Johnson

OCT. 1-2, 7-9 & 14-16 / 7:30PM

In benefit of ENLACES

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